Mary Magdalene, 24, believes her ‘custom designed’ fandango has also plumped up her confidence and even – somewhat surprisingly – allowed her to express herself artistically.

However, Toronto based Mary has also endured a few complications in her pursuit of a chunky foof, leading her to have further injections.

According to Mary:

It’s a lot better than it was. However I have complications with the fat, so I will need to keep getting vagina injections to even it out.

I am worried about one side, because it keeps growing. I think it’s probably from the swelling. But the doctor told me not to worry. So I’m trying to relax.

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Despite these challenges, the self-described ‘wannabe blow-up doll’ has found plenty to enjoy about life with a buxom bajingo.

Mary has revealed:

I feel more confident naked, and I love showing it off in clothes. My favourite type of cleavage now is my camel toe. Although when I bend over it looks like I have a ballsack.

Somewhat impressively, Mary – who has 142k followers on Instagram – has been able to use her versatile vajayjay to launch herself as somewhat of a budding artist:

Despite her young age, Mary had already had spent $100k modifying her body, with her list of surgeries including a brow lift, cheek and lip fat transfers, three nose jobs, three boob jobs, twenty dental veneers, three ‘Brazilian butt lifts’ and numerous lip fillers.

Mary claims her ‘blow-up doll’ has previously resulted in car accidents, as well as propositions from her many followers. One fan even offered to leave his marriage for her, but in Mary’s words – ‘he was broke and ugly’.

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And it would appear Mary is keen to have further enhancements in the future. However, at the moment she just wants to prioritise having her vagina straightened out.

Mary said:

If the vaginal injections don’t work, they’ll do a surgical revision.

It’s not clear whether or not Mary is in possession of the world’s fattest vagina, but I wish her all the best of luck on her quest.


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